Lucy Muchoki, CEO, Pan African Agribusiness and Agroindustry Consortium

Lucy Muchoki, CEO of the Pan African Agribusiness and Agroindustry Consortium, is passionate about food security, not only in her home country of Kenya, but in the entire continent. The Pan African Agribusiness and Agroindustry Consortium (PanAAC) is a regional network that supports African Agribusiness.  PanAAC is a private sector driven platform that brings together agribusiness and agro industry value chains, as well as support services, enabling them to access information, knowledge, strategic partnerships and financial remediation. PanAAC is recognised as the only continental private-sector driven platform bringing together agribusiness and agro-industry value-chains and support services. 

It is a widely known fact that agriculture is the mainstay of Africa’s economy as over 32% of the continent’s gross domestic product comes from this sector. The attainment of food security is at the fore of many governments and leaders across the continent.  Africa’s agribusiness and agroindustry plays not only a critical role in food security, but also in providing solutions to challenges of job creation and employment for Africa’s burgeoning youth population.

Lucy Muchoki believes that in order to bring about lasting changes in the industry, partnerships that cut across countries’ boundaries on the continent are the way to go. Partnerships, trade and investment in agribusiness within countries and across the different regions of Africa will go a long way in ensuring that food security is sustainable.

Lucy holds an MBA in Business Management from the University of Nairobi and has attended various local and international courses on value chain analysis and development. Lauded by her peers and others as a real champion and strong advocate of food security and agribusiness in Africa, Lucy has been CEO of PanAAC since 2010.