Dare to Dream

Every child is told to work hard and to believe in their dreams, and Vincent Kabaso did just that. Vincent Kabaso is the first Professional Golf Association member from Zambia and he is the perfect example of self-belief and determination.

Born in Luanshya, Zambia, a country commonly known for its love of football in the sporting world and not particularly golf, Vincent defied all odds by becoming a PGA member. In an article posted on the Zambian Watchdog, Vincent Kabaso highlighted the hardships he faced on this journey. From homesickness, to missed events, to actually getting kicked out of schools he could not afford. Yet, he rose from these hardships and achieved his dream.

 Vincent not only made history in Zambia, but is now a role model to young golf players in Zambia. In his journey, Vincent laments the lack of Zambian role models, for no one had ever done this before. His achievement will now rub away that fact for he is in the position to become that very role model for young players today.

 Vincent Kabaso’s heroism does not end here. He has also founded a non-profit organisation, Raised By The World Foundation, which assists students at the University of Zambia and provides used equipment for young golfers. Truly, not all heroes wear capes. We can learn from Vincent’s actions.

 Are you doing enough to achieve your dreams or have you decided your dreams are unachievable? Take a chapter from Vincent Kabaso and maybe you too will be included in your country’s history books. 

 by Luyando Nyoni