Bringing the world to Africa

Talent: naturally indented in everyone’s DNA. We are capable of doing many things and in today’s world for talents are what pays the bills. From being a natural born swimmer to being able to move crowds with a pitch perfect voice, sport and entertainment is based off talent.

It is not talent alone that gets the gears grinding. It may be the most exhausted phrase in the African home but ‘hard-work does pay off’. In this series we will be following the African talent-pioneers, both past and present, that are making a name for themselves and the countries they represent.

We will kick this off with some young, bright talent in the world of football found in the English Premiership League. This young man goes by the name of Charly Musonda Junior. Charly Musonda is fulfilling many dreams as he has found himself playing for the London glorified team, Chelsea Football Club. Born in Belgium, Charly is seen to continue his family legacy for his father, Charles Musonda, was a glorified footballer in his home country, Zambia. He was a regular starter for the national team and made his mark in his club career at Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht, in Belgium.

Charly Musonda Junior started chasing his dream at a very young age. At the age of six, he joined Anderlecht and stayed with the Belgium youth club for ten years - till 2012. He was then scouted by the Chelsea youth team and successfully transferred to the London side later that year. He played the youth team for four years until he got the attention of the London’s side top manager, Antonio Conte. Charly, at the end of the 2016/2017 season got promoted to the first team.

At the age of 20, Musonda Junior made his first appearance for the Chelsea’s first team, when they went against Burnley F.C, in the 2017/2018 season. He caught the eye of many fans and supporters as he showed the true African flair in his fancy footwork and glorious skill. Sadly he came out the game with no goal to his name as the London side lost that game, three goals to two. The young Zambian star however made his mark on the biggest stage in club football and has shown the world that your talent, with hard work can truly fulfill your biggest dreams.

Story by Luyando Nyoni