Oyster mushrooms with okra

Enjoy this vegetable dish as the perfect accompaniment to a main meal.

You will need….

300g oyster or button mushrooms, 300g okra, one medium onion, one small tomato, one finely chopped green or red chilli, a pinch or two of salt and avocado oil or any vegetable cooking oil.


Wash the okra and make sure you dry it out individually by patting it dry with a clean kitchen towel, then dice it up. Dice the onion, tomato and mushroom as well.  In a wok, stir fry the okra over medium heat until cooked but still firm, then add the onion.  Stir again then add the tomato, chilli and chopped mushrooms.  Stir fry the vegetables together until cooked to your liking and serve as an accompaniment.